Dreamweaver Level 1

Prerequisites:Students looking to take this course should have taken an introduction to computers class or the equivelant knowledge. It is also helpful and recomended to have some HTML knowledge.

Lesson 1: Dreamweaver Basics
 · The Dreamweaver Environment
 · Orientation to Design and Code

Lesson 2: Creating Web Page
 · Defining a Web Site
 · Creating a Simple Web Page
 · Working with Images

Lesson 3: Working With Text
 · Importing and formatting Text
 · Paragraph Formatting

Lesson 4: Working With Links
 · Creating Links and Anchors

Lesson 5: Working with Images
 · Working with Fireworks Graphics
 · Using Image Maps
Lesson 6: Layout View
 · Using a Tracing Image
 · Creating a Page Layout
 · Creating Resizable Layouts

Lesson 7: Printing Documents
 · Creating a Frameset
 · Web Pages in Framesets
 · Frame Link Destinations

Lesson 8: Using Templates
 · Working with Templates

Lesson 9: Uploading a Web Site
 · Checking and Uploading the Site

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