Access Level 1

Prerequisites: Students Looking to take this course should have taken an introduction to computers class or the equivelant knowledge.

Designing Databases
 · Identifying Database Components
 · Designing Data Tables
 · Designing Relational Databases
 · Identifying Components of the Access

Working with Access Objects
 · Working with Tables
 · Working with Queries
 · Working with Forms
 · Working with Reports

Creating Tables
 · Designing Tables
 · Creating Tables in Design View
 · Using the Table Wizard

Working with Tables
 · Modifying Table Design
 · Adding and Deleting Fields
 · Renaming Fields
 · Moving Fields
 · Setting Field Properties
 · Modifying Datasheet Layout

Table Information
 · Adding Records
 · Editing Records
 · Deleting Records
 · Finding Records

Creating Select Queries
 · Select Queries in Design View
 · Selecting Tables to Query
 · Selecting Fields to Query
 · Sorting Result Sets

Working with Select Queries
 · Adding and Deleting Fields
 · Inserting and Moving Fields
 · Using Wildcard Characters
 · Using Comparison Operators
 · Specifying Multiple Criteria

Creating and Using Forms
 · Using the Auto Form Feature
 · Using the Form Wizard
 · Modifying Forms
 · Selecting Controls
 · Moving and Sizing Controls

Creating and Using Reports
 · Using the Auto Report Feature
 · Using the Report Wizard
 · Modifying Reports
 · Selecting Controls

Enhancing Forms
 · Working with Fonts
 · Using Graphic Elements
 · Inserting Unbound Objects

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