Access Level 2

Prerequisites:Students Looking to take this course should have taken an introduction to computers class and Access Level 1 or the equivelant knowledge.

Working with Charts
 · Creating Charts
 · Changing Chart Types
 · Modifying Chart Elements
 · Enhancing Chart Text
 · Enhancing Chart Graphics

Working with Filters
 · Creating Filters by Selection
 · Creating Filters Excluding Selection
 · Creating Filters by Form
 · Creating Filters for Input

Working with Relationships
 · Defining Relationships
 · Examining Relationship Types
 · Enforcing Referential Integrity
 · Joining Tables in Queries
 · Joining Tables
 · Working with Join Types

Maintaining Data Integrity
 · Working with Input Masks
 · Setting Required Properties
 · Setting Validation Rules
 · Setting Lookup Fields

Working with Macros
 · Creating Macros
 · Assigning Macros to Buttons
 · Running Macros

Advanced Form Features
 · Titling and Coloring Forms
 · Expressions in Calculated Controls
 · Using Shortcut Keys to Enter Data
 · Using Combo Boxes on Forms
 · Working with Sub forms
 · Adding Sub forms
 · Adding Records Using Sub forms

Advanced Report Features
 · Labeling a Report
 · Footers
 · Text Values from Multiple Fields
 · Adding Calculated Controls
 · Adding Custom Pages

Advanced Query Features
 · Using Functions to Calculate Values
 · Calculating Values for All Records
 · Calculating Values Using Criteria
 · Using Calculated Fields
 · Displaying Unique Values

Using Advanced Queries
 · Using Action Queries
 · Using Cross tab Queries

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