FrontPage Level 1

Prerequisites:Students Looking to take this course should have taken an introduction to computers class or the equivelant knowledge.

Getting Started with FrontPage
 · Viewing a Web Site
 · Touring the Interface
 · Opening Web Pages
 · Views Bar and Folder List
 · Web Pages in Different Views

Creating Webs and Web Pages
 · Designing and Developing Webs
 · Defining the Project
 · Creating Navigation and Structure
 · Designing and Testing the Pages
 · Publishing the Pages
 · Maintaining and Updating the Site
 · Creating Webs
 · FrontPage Templates
 · Adding Web Pages to a Web

Managing a Web with Tasks
 · Managing the Task List
 · Viewing the Task List
 · Adding Tasks to the Task List
 · Deleting Tasks from the Task List

Working with Text
 · Adding Text to Web Pages
 · Adding Text by Inserting a File
 · Importing Files or Folders
 · Copying and Moving Text
 · Formatting Text
 · Changing Text Attributes
 · Borders and Horizontal Lines
 · Creating Lists

Modifying and Formatting Webs
 · Comments and Time Stamps
 · Renaming Pages
 · Checking Spelling
 · Making Global Changes
 · Modifying and Applying Styles
 · Working with Themes

Creating Hyperlinks
 · Creating Links within a System
 · Creating and Linking to Bookmarks
 · Creating Links to Pages within a Web
 · Creating Links to New Pages
 · Creating MailTo Links
 · Maintaining Hyperlinks
 · Editing Hyperlinks

Inserting Images into a Web
 · Adding Images to a Web
 · Inserting Images into Web Pages
 · Dealing with Special Considerations
 · Positioning and Sizing Images
 · Resizing and Positioning an Image
 · Creating a Thumbnail of an Image

Working with Images
 · Changing the Way Images Look
 · Orienting and Cropping
 · Using Special Effects
 · Finalizing an Image
 · Setting Images as Hyperlinks

Designing Tables
 · Creating Tables
 · Customizing Tables
 · Setting Table Layouts
 · Working with Cell Properties
 · Working with Table Properties
 · Inserting a Table within a Table

Publishing and Maintaining a Web
 · Previewing a Web
 · Reviewing Web Reports
 · Maintaining Web Files
 · Publishing a Web

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