FrontPage Level 2

Prerequisites: Students Looking to take this course should have taken an introduction to computers class and FrontPage Level 1, or the equivelant knowledge.

Setting Up Frames
 · Creating Frames Pages
 · Creating a Frames Page
 · Adding Pages to Frames
 · Modifying Frame Pages and Frames
 · Modifying a Frames Page
 · Modifying Frames
 · Non-Frame Browsers

Advanced Navigation Features
 · Working with Navigation View
 · Using Shared Borders
 · Implementing Navigation Bars
 · Inserting FrontPage Components

Creating Forms
 · Creating Forms
 · Form Template
 · Form Page Wizard
 · Form From Scratch
 · Modifying Form Field Properties
 · Validating Form Data
 · Collecting Form Information
 · Creating Confirmation Pages
 · Working with Search Forms

Working with Databases
 · Connecting to a Database
 · Reviewing Database Basics
 · Making the Connection
 · Database Results to a Web Page
 · Database Information
 · Hyperlinks with Parameters
 · Querying a Database

Creating Special Effects
 · Active Content to Web Pages
 · Hit Counter to a Web Page
 · Marquee to a Web Page
 · Creating Hover Buttons
 · Banner Ad to a Web Page
 · Animation to Web Pages
 · Animation to a Web Page
 · Creating Page Transitions
 · Multimedia to Web Pages
 · Sound to a Web Page
 · Video to a Web Page

Using Advanced Add-Ins
 · Adding a Plug-In
 · Inserting an ActiveX Controls
 · Inserting a Java Applet

Working with HTML Code
 · Existing HTML Code
 · Viewing HTML Code
 · Editing Existing HTML Code
 · Inserting HTML Code

Using Style Sheets
 · Creating and Using Style Sheets
 · Embedded Style Sheet
 · External Style Sheet
 · Using Positioning

Maintaining a Web
 · Setting Detailed File Permissions
 · Establishing Security

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