HTML Level 2

Prerequisites: Students Looking to take this course should have taken an introduction to computers and HTML Level 1 classes, or the equivelant knowledge.

The New HTML
 · Authoring with HTML 4.01
 · The Advent of XHTML

Advanced Tables
 · Adding Images and Links
 · Adding Color to Tables
 · Creating Nested Tables
 · Using Tables for Page Layout

Graphics and Image Maps
 · Sizing, Spacing and Aligning Images
 · Creating Image Maps

Creating Forms
 · Introduction to Forms
 · Applying Other Input Types
 · Setting Input Type Attributes
 · Creating a Text Area Field
 · Creating Select Lists

Meta Tag and JavaScript
 · The <meta> Tag
 · JavaScript in HTML Documents

 · Introduction to Frames
 · Applying Frame Attributes
 · Using Nested Framesets

Cascading Style Sheets
 · Introduction to CSS
 · Properties and Selectors
 · Linked (external) Style Sheets

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