HTML Level 3 (Cascading Style Sheets)

Prerequisites: Students Looking to take this course should have taken an introduction to computers class, HTML Level 1, and HTML Level 2, or the equivelant knowledge.

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)
 · Designing with Style Sheets
 · Style Sheet Syntax
 · Creating Simple Rules

Creating Rules
 · Applying Class and ID Selectors
 · The DIV and SPAN Elements
 · Linked (External) Style Sheets

Conflicting Rules: The Cascade
 · Rules in Conflict; Cascading Order

Text and Font Properties
 · Typographical Properties
 · Font Properties

Colors and Backgrounds
 · Applying Colors
 · Background Techniques

Box Properties
 · The Box Model
 · Borders
 · Floating Elements
 · Styling Lists

CSS Positioning
 · PositioningAbsolutely and Relatively
 · Layering with the z-index Property

Design and Usage Techniques
 · Dynamic Link Colors
 · Cursor Styles
 · Styling Form Elements
 · Dynamically Linked Style Sheets
 · Contextual Selectors

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