Adobe Photoshop Level 1

Prerequisites: Students Looking to take this course should have taken an introduction to computers class or the equivelant knowledge.

Getting Started
 · Starting Photoshop
 · Observing the Toolbox
 · Viewing The Photoshop Window
 · Using the Layers Palette
 · Viewing and Printing a Document
 · Closing and Exiting Photoshop

Working with Images
 · Using the Viewing Tools
 · Modifying Image Properties
 · Modifying for the Web and Print

Working with Selections
 · Manipulating Selections
 · Marquee and Lasso tools
 · Move and Magic Wand tools
 · Modifying Image Areas

Creating an Image
 · Pencil tool
 · Paintbrush and Airbrush tools
 · Clone Stamp and Pattern Stamp tools
Working with Vector Graphics
 · Shape tools
 · Pen tool
 · Direct Selection tool

Colors and Color Settings
 · The Color Palette
 · Setting the Color gamut
 · Working with the Color Picker
 · Paint Bucket and Eyedropper tools

Manipulating Layers
 · Working with layers
 · Managing and manipulating layers
 · Adding Type layers

Modifying Photographs
 · Using the Retouching tools
 · Using the Gradient tool
 · Working with the Eraser tools

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