Adobe Photoshop Level 2

Prerequisites: Students Looking to take this course should have taken an introduction to computers class and Photoshop Level 1, or the equivelant knowledge.

Selections and Images
 · Applying selection properties
 · Transforming selections and images
 · Using the Liquefy command

Working with Colors
 · Adjusting colors
 · Using the Image Mode function

Working with Layers
 · Specifying layer options
 · Managing layers
 · Using layer effects
 · Layer Styles dialog box
 · Using adjustment layers
 · Using Channels and Masks
 · Working with channels
 · Working with masks
 · Layer Styles

Using Filters
 · Using a Blur filter
 · Using Noise and Lighting Effects
 · Using the Brush Strokes filters
 · Using Texture

Automating Tasks
 · Using actions
 · Using Automate commands

 · Observing the ImageReady window
 · Optimizing images for the Web
 · Creating Web effects
 · Saving an optimized image

Web Image Preparation
 · HTML and Image Files
 · Web Image Resolution Units
 · Controlling File Size

Optimizing Images
 · Format Specifications
 · Optimizing Images

Cross-Platform Viewing
 · Color Management for the Web
 · Managing Dithering

Web Page Layout and Slicing
 · Web Design Uses
 · Creating a Rough Web Page Layout
 · Tiled Web Page Backgrounds
 · Slicing Images

 · Planning Animations
 · Creating an Animated GIF

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