PowerPoint Level 2

Prerequisites: Students Looking to take this course should have taken an introduction to computers class and PowerPoint Level 1, or the equivelant knowledge.

Working with Slide Outlines
 · Creating Slides from Outlines
 · Rearranging Slides Using Outlines

Creating Charts and Tables
 · Creating Charts
 · Customizing Charts
 · Animating Chart Elements
 · Creating Tables
 · Modifying Tables
 · Diagonal Borders to a Table

Creating Organization Charts
 · Adding Organization Charts
 · Customizing Organization Charts
 · Modifying Organization Chart Boxes
Changing Fonts and Colors
Aligning Text

Adding Multimedia Elements
 · Inserting Sounds
 · Inserting Motion Clips
 · Inserting Scanned Images
 · Customizing Multimedia Elements

Working with Templates
 · Modifying Slide Masters
 · Applying Design Template
 · Creating Design Templates
 · Presentations from Templates

Adding Customizations
 · Creating Custom Toolbars
 · Modifying Color Schemes
 · Creating Custom Backgrounds
 · Creating Custom Slide Shows

Linking Slides
 · Inserting Hyperlinks
 · Using Action Settings
 · Inserting Action Buttons
 · Creating Agenda Slides
 · Creating Custom Slide Shows
 · Creating Summary Slides
 · Adding Hypertext Links

Preparing Presentations
 · Preparing Speaker Notes
 · Using the Meeting Minder
 · Changing Show Types

Saving in Other Formats
 · Overheads and 35mm Slides
 · Saving Presentations for Web
 · Saving for Automatic Launch
 · Broadcast on an Intranet

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