Project Level 2

Prerequisites: Students Looking to take this course should have taken an introduction to computers class and Project Level 1, or the equivelant knowledge.

Working with Calendars
 · Changing the Project Calendar
 · Working and Nonworking Days
 · Changing Working Hours
 · Using Base Calendars
 · Creating New Base Calendars
 · Assigning Base Calendars
 · Changing the Timescale

Adjusting Time Factors
 · Identifying Slack Time
 · Adjusting the Critical Path
 · Identifying the Critical Path
 · Formatting the Gantt Chart
 · Changing the Critical Path
 · Decreasing the Duration of Tasks
 · Decreasing Resource Work
 · Adding Additional Resources

Evaluating Resource Factors
 · Identifying Over-allocated Resources
 · Resolving Resource Over allocation
 · Assigning Part-Time Work
 · Changing the Number of Units
 · Leveling Over allocated Resources
 · Changing Resource Calendars

Adjusting Cost Factors
 · Reducing Costs
 · Replacing Resources
 · Rescheduling Work
 · Managing Cash Flow

Tracking Progress
 · Saving Projects with Baseline Plans
 · Updating the Project Schedule
 · Entering Dates
 · Entering Percentages
 · Identifying Variance
 · Using the Gantt Variance Table
 · Using the Tracking Gantt View
 · Using the Cost Table

Controlling Printed Output
 · Filtering Views for Printing
 · Adjusting Timescales in Printed Views
 · Adding Headers to Printed Views
 · Number of Columns to Print

Customizing Reports
 · Changing Report Contents
 · Adjusting Report Timescales
 · Formatting Report Text
 · Adding Totals to Reports

Multiple Projects
 · Consolidating Projects
 · Sharing Resources between Projects

Subprojects and Templates
 · Using Subprojects
 · Creating Subprojects
 · Launching Subprojects
 · Using Templates

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