Word Level 2

Prerequisites:Students Looking to take this course should have taken an introduction to computers class and Word Level 1, or the equivelant knowledge.

Using Templates
 · Using Existing Templates
 · Creating Templates
 · Deleting Templates

Letters, Envelopes, Labels
 · Creating Letters
 · Creating Envelopes
 · Creating Mailing Labels

Using Styles
 · Applying Styles
 · Defining Styles
 · Modifying Styles
 · Deleting Styles

Using Outlines
 · Creating Outlines
 · Collapsing and Expanding Outlines
 · Documents in Outline View
 · Modifying Heading Styles
 · Numbering Automatically
 · Editing in Outline View

Using Headers and Footers
 · Creating Headers and Footers
 · Alternating Headers and Footers
 · Working with Page Numbering

Creating and Using Tables
 · Drawing Tables
 · Entering Text into Table Cells
 · Calculations on Table Data

Formatting Tables
 · Column Widths and Row Heights
 · Formatting Text in Tables
 · Borders and Shading with Tables
 · Using Table AutoFormat

Working with Columns
 · Inserting Section Breaks
 · Sections as Multiple Columns
 · Entering and Editing Text in Columns
 · Formatting Columns
 · Removing Breaks

Graphic Elements
 · Lines and Objects
 · Using Pictures in Documents
 · Creating Watermarks
 · Using Borders and Shading

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