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Why Us Choose Us...

Silicon Bay Training is a unique training company that offers a variety of computer courses at a competitive rate. What makes Silicon Bay Training exceptional is that the classes are designed around your company's needs because your sales representative is also an instructor. By merging the role of sales representative and instructor, we are able to customize the classes in advance to provide solutions to your training problems.

The courses offered are designed to help clients understand the software as well as enable them to improve their performance while using the software. When you take a course from Silicon Bay Training, you are getting a specifically modified software course. You are taking a course that will teach you how to use the program more efficiently for work or for fun by demonstrating the tools that are most helpful in your field of expertise. This type of training allows for more time to exhibit the tools that you use on a regular basis and will minimize the time spent on tools that do not apply to your needs. SiliconBay Training takes into account how you use the programs in your business and encourages questions throughout the training sessions.

Our History...

Established and operated by Ryan Richardson, Silicon Bay Training is the solution to your computer software training needs. Ryan graduated from Santa Clara and began his career teaching more efficient ways to use computer software. He has worked with hundreds of different companies in the Bay Area and across the country and has proven that Silicon Bay training's methods work.

Over the past few years, SiliconBay has developed their "It's easier than it looks" philosophy into strategies which allow them to present software to adult clients in a manner that allows them to grasp key, complex concepts in a short time. Once a corporation has chosen to give Silicon Bay Training a chance, they find it impossible to go anywhere else because Silicon Bay Training offers courses that are tailored to each company and the flexibility of being able to give clients what they need.

Whether it is a half-day course, an evening course, or a full week of classes, Silicon Bay Training will fulfill whatever training needs you may have. In order for Silicon Bay Training to accommodate your training needs, please contact us and we will design a course that fits your needs.



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